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Ucraft Logo Maker Review

Is it worth it?

Ucraft Logo Maker has an entirely DIY editor without any guidance, AI, or setup. The icons aren’t very good and you get only 10 native fonts.


  • Free to download a PNG logo file
  • Relatively affordable SVG file ($7)


  • The editor is too basic
  • No AI or setup to create logos for you
  • Too few fonts and shapes
  • Icons are not appropriate for a logo
Ucraft Logo
Photutorial Score
Photutorial Score = 2.5/5

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Cost$0 or $7
Free trialYes

Is Ucraft Logo Maker Worth Your Money?

Ucraft is a website builder that also offers a logo maker. However, when you finish creating a logo, Ucraft doesn’t offer discounts for their website builder together with the logo, as Wix does. It seems like the logo maker is completely separate from the rest of the platform.

If you’re only interested in creating a logo, Ucraft Logo Maker is a viable choice but not the best one. You can download the PNG file for free and an SVG file for $7, yet the creation process is not guided at all. When creating a logo only, we recommend our Editor’s Choice for logo makers Looka. This tool will guide you through logo creation, generating dozens of logos based on your choices using AI.

How Much Does Ucraft Logo Maker Cost?

The Ucraft Logo Maker is free to use. You can download a PNG logo file for free after creating an account with Ucraft. An SVG logo file costs $7 as a one-time purchase. There are no hidden costs or fees.

The company accepts payments through PayPal, the most popular credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), and Stripe.

How Does Ucraft Logo Maker Work?

Creating a logo with Ucraft Logo Maker is straightforward and much less guided compared to other logo makers, such as Looka or Wix Logo Maker. Right from the start, you find yourself in front of a blank page, which took us a few seconds to realize that it was an editor. So, logo-making isn’t automated at Ucraft. Instead, you get an editor with fonts, texts, and shapes to which you can color or apply gradients—and that is where it ends.

Despite being fairly easy to use and allowing you to do quite a lot, it defeats the entire purpose of the online logo maker, which is to make logo design easier for you.

Empty Ucraft Logo Maker Editor
You start with an empty editor.

In the left sidebar, you have three options: to add icons, text, and shapes. We recommend starting with the text, which will be at the core of your logo. You can change text size, color, and font family. But, Ucraft has only 10 popular fonts, so you have to upload more yourself, which is very inconvenient.

Next, add an icon in front of the text or where you like based on the type of logo you’re creating. There are a lot of icons, which you can browse thematically. But finding a good one is not easy since most of them are too detailed to be a great fit for a logo. So, you’ll either have to browse for a long time or settle for a suboptimal icon.

Ucraft Logo Maker Choosing Icons

Much to our delight, Ucraft Logo Maker has one unique feature we haven’t seen anywhere else yet—you can apply color gradients to icons. Whether that’s a good choice is up for debate and will depend on each business, but it’s a nice touch. The shapes are limited to circles, triangles, squares, and lines, and you can also apply gradients to them.

When you’re happy with your final design, you will have to create an account with Ucraft to download it. You can download the logo for free in a PNG format (600 px wide) or pay $7 for an SVG logo.