Vance AI: Creativity Series Review

Written by Matic Broz Updated on December 3, 2021

Vance AI: Creativity Series Review

Vance AI Creativity Series is dedicated to automating the process of creating inspiring, creative, or restoring artwork.

In this review of Creativity Series by Vance AI, I test AI Image Cartoonizer, AI Sketch Converter, and AI Photo Colorizer.

Since these tools carry very descriptive names, they don’t need any foreword. So, without further ado, let’s check them out!

Vance AI Image Cartoonizer

AI Image Cartoonizer, also called Toongineer Cartoonizer, is Vance’s popular creative tool that effortlessly turns photos into cartoons. The tool is 100% automatic – all you need to do, is upload an image and convert it. Alternatively, you can use Photoshop to do so, but it costs more (from US$9.99/month) and it’s a lot more difficult to use.

I’ve used Photoshop for years and have become adept at photo-manipulation, so it gives me more control over the cartoons. However, for those of you who have zero experience with Photoshop (or similar tools), AI Image Cartoonizer is a an amazng tool.

Example #1

For the first example, I uploaded a photo of daisies with a resolution of 6240×4160 px (3:2 aspect ratio) which was then converted to 3000×2000 px by Vance AI. Vance AI only accepts JPEGs, JPGs, and PNGs with a maximum resolution of 3000×2000 px. Although my input and output files were 3000×2000 px, as reported by Vance AI (see the image below), the truth was different.

Daises input output resolution

Upon downloading the file, I noticed on my large screen that the file is only 1080×720 px (see the image below).

To be honest, I do not know how that happened.

Daises output resolution

Regardless of the resolution problem, the I was pleasantly surprised by the result.

Daises Cartoon Before and After
Original (above) and cartoonized result (below)

Example #2

In the second example, a similar thing happened as in the first example. I uploaded a 1650×1100 px image, Vance AI reports a 1650×1100 px image, but the resulting image is actually 1080×720 px.

In the second example, I cartoonized an image of a dog?

Dog Cartoon Before and After
Original (above) and cartoonized result (below)

Example #3

I was not thrilled with the result of this cartoonized portrait. In my opinion, the girl in the photo lost a lot of her character. For example, freckles are gone and I’d love if they showed in cartoon.

Portrait Cartoon Before and After

Overall, AI Image Cartoonizer does exactly as the name suggests and it does its job well. Images retain just the right amount of detail, so they look like cartoons.

The only thing I missed was more settings. For example, at least one slider that would allow you to decide to what level you want the image cartoonized.

Vance AI Sketch Converter

AI Sketch Converter is an AI sketch generator that creates a linoleum drawing from your photos. It automatically identifies the lines, and then removes all other details and turns the photograph black and white.

Vance AI also promotes this tool as an alternative to your everyday Pinterest or Reddit uploads – with an unusual drawing, you might win more likes.

Example 1

I’ve always loved architectural drawings made with pencil only. Using the AI Sketch Converter, I created a pencil black and white drawing within a couple of seconds.

House Sketch Before and After

Example 2

This tool is also capable of converting portraits to sketches. In the settings, you can choose between converting an entire image or just a face.

Ai Sketch Converter Settings

In this example, I chose Convert face only.

Two things I noticed and disliked:

  1. The results was cropped: the image on the right is the result and it was already cropped when I downloaded it. I guess, this tool understands “Convert face only” as “remove everything else”.
    I’d be a lot more happy, if it was capable of sketching only the face and leaving everything else untouched. I can still crop it out later by myself.
  2. The tool aged the girl: Drawing people is difficult, but it should be easier, when you’re an AI and you have an original image. AI Sketch Converter emphasized some facial features too much and some too little.
    The result is an inaccurate sketch.
Portrait face Sketch Before and After

Example 3

For the thirds example, I used the same photo, but I checked Convert entire picture. What stands out, is the mangled face – especially the eyes. As a result, this sketch picture is virtually unusable.

Asian Girl Sketch Before and After

Overall, with AI Sketch Converter, you can easily and quickly create realistic sketches, even if you can’t draw.

As with any other Vance AI tools, I miss more control over the entire process – at least a slider that lets you choose to what degree you want the filters to be applied.

Vance AI Photo Colorizer

AI Photo Colorizer is Vance’s pride and joy. This tool 100% automatically restores colours and details in your photos. It doesn’t only work with black and white photos, but also with older, vintage-like photographs that have poor colour contrast.

Example #1

In the first example, Vance AI Photo Colorizer nailed the skin tones – I actually love the result. However, it unfortunately also coloured parts of the guy’s shirt and trousers, and parts of the background. This little “oopsie” makes the resulting photo barely usable.

Colorizer Before and After 1

Example #2

In the second example, I uploaded a black and white photo with a moose and some spruce trees in the background. The Colorizer tool properly painted trees green; however, their colours could be more vibrant. Additionally, it left the moose black, although they are usually brown. But I guess that’s cherry picking.

Colorizer Before and After 2

Example #3

Once again, I was surprised how well the AI Photo Colorizer painted the skin. However, there are 3 issues bothering me:

  1. Whites of the eyes were also coloured.
  2. Neck is not fully painted.
  3. Skin tone is too red and orange.
Colorizer Before and After 3

Example #4

I was simply amazed with the 4th example. Vance AI Photo Colorizer not only properly recognized the sky and the sea and painted them blue, it also added a coloured (yellow) haze to the photo.

Undoubtedly, this result blew me away. I love the orange and yellow tones on the horizon that bring some warmth to the image and produce feeling of a sunrise or sunset, or as we photographers call it, the Golden hour.

Colorizer Before and After 4

In my opinion, AI Photo Colorizer is one of the best tools by Vance AI and worth every penny.

Final Thoughts

The Vance AI Productivity Series is a great option for anyone looking to achieve artistic and creative effects without purchasing expensive software or spending years trying to learn how to use something like Photoshop.

Especially AI Photo Colorizer stands out as an extremely useful tool that’s capable of automatically colouring black-and-white images within seconds.

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  1. Hi Matic, Thank you for the great guide on colorizing old photos. However, as per my experience with these tools such as VanceAI, HotpotAI, etc., I found Image Colorizer to be the best amongst them because of great accuracy.

    Hope this helps. 🙂

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