Vance AI: AI Image Enhancer Software Review

Written by Matic Broz Updated on October 22, 2021

Vance AI: AI Image Enhancer Software Review

This is my unbiased review of Vance AI: AI Image Enhancer Software – product that promises to enhance your images to the next level.

Vance AI Image Enhancer is in contrast to Vance AI Productivity and Creativity series, a downloadable tool. For now, it remains available only for Windows PC’s, but I’m hoping that changes soon.

Let’s check out why.

What does AI Image Enhancer promise?

According to Vance AI, AI Image Enhancer can enhance image resolution up to 40-times. What is more, Vance AI promises that it does so by reducing blur and recovering original details.

If that’s true, and knowing artificial intelligence it might be, I am sold.

However, this piece of software supposedly also removes noise from images, producing clear and crisp results.

Therefore, AI Image Enhancer allows you to photograph with high ISO settings (think 2000+) in low light conditions.

Lastly, thanks to Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, AI Image Enhancer removes motion and gaussian blur in a couple of seconds.

AI Image Enhancer System Requirements

For now, Vance AI Image Enhancer software is only available to Windows 64 bit systems only.

Here are Vance AI recommendations for your PC:

CPUIntel 4th Gen
AMD 2016+
Intel i7 7th Gen+
Ryzen 7
GPUNvidia 750Ti
Nvidia RTV Series
RX 500 Series
Minimum and recommended system requirements

To find all the requirements, and supported GPUs and CPUs, check this page by Vance AI.

How to Get AI Image Enhancer?

AI Image Enhancer is available with Basic and Pro plan that cost $9.90/mo and $19.90/mo, respectively.

However, with the Free plan, you can still download the software and use 5 free credits. This way, you get the taste of what you’ll be paying for.

Here’s how to get (download and install) AI Image Enhancer Software.

  1. Go to Click here to go to download site.
  2. Click on button Free Download. A download will start.
  3. Upon finishing, locate the downloaded file – vance_ai_image_enhancer_x64_online_1104_ee06050a – and double click it. You can find it in your Downloads folder by default.
  4. Follow the instructions to install and click Click to install.
  5. Wain until the download finishes.
  6. Sign in with your account to get more than 5 credits.
  7. You should now be able to use Enlarge, Sharpen, and Denoise modules.
Vance AI Image Enhancer software Interface
AI Image Enhancer Software interface

Tools: Let’s see what it can do

  • restart after downloading
  • starts working on preview instantly, so you have to wait as soon as you upload an image
  • sliders can’t be reset by double clicking


Enlarge tool enhances image resolution up to 40x and recovers detail using AI.

While you can also enlarge images using AI Image Enlarger, which is a part of Productivity series (read my Productivity series review), it’s only capable of enlarging by 2x, 4x, 6x, or 8x.

To try the Enlarge tool, I shrunk my photographs with Photoshop.

Example #1

In the example below, I reduced the resolution of the image to 200px in width (before). Then, I used the 40x enlargement to produce an image with 8000px in width (after).

The tool did a fine job improving the resolution and also recovering the detail. However, as expected, it wasn’t able to recover the detail that was lost.

Image Enhancer Test 1 - 200px to 8000px - Before and After
Example #2

In the Example #2, I reduced the resolution of the original image to 500px in width, and then bumped it back up to 20,000 with Image Enlarger.

This is the result.

Image Enhancer Test 5 - 500px - Before and After

Overall, I was quite happy with the results of the Image Enhancer – Enlarge tool. Improving the resolution of an image by 40-times is seriously impressive.

However, I am not convinced that AI recovers details very well, but I believe that future iterations of this software will bring even more improvements.


Sharpening a blurry image has always been a virtually impossible task.

To test the tool that promises fixing blurry images using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, I once again used my photographs.

Using Photoshop, I applied Gaussian and Motion blur using different “pixel” settings.

Example #1
  • Photoshop settings: Gaussian blur 5px.
  • Vance AI settings: Sharpness: 100, Suppress noise: 100.

Although I realize that using the maximum sharpening settings can lead to worse results, especially due to more noise, I wanted to see what’s this tools capable of. And I did not care about the noise.

Image Enhancer Test 2 - Gaussian Blur 5 px - Before and After
Example #2
  • Photoshop settings: Gaussian blur 50px.
  • Vance AI settings: Sharpness: 100, Suppress noise: 100.

Just for fun and some limit-testing, I applied 50px blur to the image… and nothing happened.

Image Enhancer literally did nothing.

Human eye clearly recognizes a white dog in the image below. However, the AI still needs a bit more training to achieve the same results.

Image Enhancer Test 2 - Gaussian Blur 50 px - Before and After
Example #3
  • Photoshop settings: Gaussian blur 15px.
  • Vance AI settings: Sharpness: 100, Suppress noise: 100.

In the third example, I only blurred the image by 15px. The resulting image is still well-recognizible, although it’s blurry.

What surprises me more, is that sharpening tool did absolutely nothing.

Apparently, it has a threshold where it still sharpens images and when it stops. Based on my experiments it’s somewhere between 5px and 15px.

Image Enhancer Test 4 - Gaussian Blur 15% - Before and After
Example #4
  • Photoshop settings: Motion blur 50px, angle 0°.
  • Vance AI settings: Sharpness: 100, Suppress noise: 100.

In addition to removing gaussian blur, Image Enhancer can also remove motion blur, according to Vance AI.

However, in my example, it did not remove the blur. Admittedly, it did sharpen the image by accentuating the strike produced by the blur, but it did not remove it.

Overall, I added only a small amount of blur (before) and the resulting (after) image looks barely any different.

Vance AI: <span class="title-bold">AI Image Enhancer Software</span> Review 1
Example #5
  • Photoshop settings: Motion blur 500px, angle 0°.
  • Vance AI settings: Sharpness: 100, Suppress noise: 100.

As you might have noticed by now, I love pushing software to the limit.

In this case, I applied motion blur with the amount of 500px, making the image barely recognisable.

I was hoping that the AI would be smart enough to recognize the motion blur, especially because I made it easy for it by using a linear motion blur (i.e. 0 degrees angle).

Image Enhancer Test 2 - Motion Blur 500 px - Before and After

To sum up, the sharpening tool does as advertised – it sharpens images. Although, based on my experience Vance AI oversells this product, because it does not remove motion blur, at all – it just sharpens the blurry streaks. For now, I’ll stick with Lightroom’s and Luminar AI’s sharpening tools.


Noisy images are one of the greatest enemies to night photographers and those who don’t own a full-frame camera. Therefore, finding a tool that effectively removes noise while retaining full detail seems like a dream come true.

Such tools, does not need a lot of texting – it either removes noise properly or it doesn’t. This is why I’m proving only one example. If you want to see more, contact me via an email.

As you can see in the example below, denoise tool removes noise as expected while, crucially, retaining the majority of detail.

Image Enhancer Test 3 - Noise 25% Uniform - Before and After

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Vance AI Image Enhancer is a good alternative to other photo editors, with the difference that it’s more automated that its competitors.

Speaking of which, for me as a photographer, Lightroom remains the best photo editing software, closely followed by Luminar AI.

For now, Vance AI seems like a set of tools with a great potential and I’ll eagerly follow its development in the forthcoming years.

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