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Videvo.net Review

Matic Broz profile picture By Matic Broz Updated July 9, 2022
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Finding the best resources for making professional videos is tricky.

Many people buy the tools and services they will use to make their films before considering whether they even need them. As a result, they waste money on costly services that they never use after spending time learning how to use them.

So, if I were to summarize Videvo: Videvo.net provides a variety of free and affordable premium stock videos, motion graphics, templates, music, and sound effects. This makes it ideal for students and beginners, as well as for premium and commercial projects.

Quick Summary of Videvo.net review

Videvo offers free footage, premium videos, motion graphics clips, templates (After Effects, Premiere Pro), music, and sound effects.

It’s known for its simple licensing, flexible subscription options, and low prices. But probably the most notable feature is the 18K free video clips, which require you to attribute the author.

Premium downloads come with inexpensive monthly and yearly subscriptions, starting at $4.99/month. While the monthly subscription plans give you a fixed number of monthly downloads, the yearly subscriptions come with unlimited downloads.

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One of the cheapest stock footage sources.

Videvo.net offers both free and premium stock footage. While it’s not of the highest quality, it’s budget-friendly and therefore a nice way to start your video editing career.
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In short, Videvo is an excellent option for video editors on a tight budget and videographers looking for free stock footage.

Key features:

  • More than 500K stock videos, motion graphics, templates, music, and sound effects.
  • There are 309,600 videos, 18K of which are free.
  • The videos are of good quality, but they’re not great.
  • Premium videos are licensed under a royalty-free license.
  • 11K+ motion graphics.
  • Video plans cost $4.99 to $24.99/month.


Videvo sells premium video clips in addition to offering free stock footage. The term “premium” refers to high-quality video footage suitable for commercial projects and YouTube videos.

The premium plans (Lite, Plus, and Pro) are available in three download sizes: 5, 25, and 50 monthly downloads. By signing up for an annual subscription, you receive unlimited downloads.

In addition to stock videos, you get premium video templates, music, and sound effects. Premium plans also remove advertising from the site, making it much easier to browse.

The video clips you download with the premium plans are licensed under a royalty-free license, but more on licensing later.

Videvo LiteVidevo PlusVidevo Pro
Premium video downloads
Royalty-free licensing
No adverts
Monthly plans
Yearly plans

While Videvo does not have a free trial, the money-back guarantee ensures you get a refund if you don’t like it. To request a refund, get in touch with the support team.

You can cancel subscription plans at any time after they expire. That means that you may cancel a monthly plan each month, but to cancel a yearly plan, you have to wait a year until it expires. That means you won’t get paid back for the unused months.

But even after the subscription plan expires and you stop paying, you may use the video content you downloaded. That’s the basic right of a royalty-free license.

Changing a plan after subscribing is also possible, but to upgrade you need to pay the difference. What is more, all the remaining downloads of your plan are transferred to your new plan.

Video quality

Videvo offers 720p, 1080p, and 4K video clips. Both free stock footage and premium videos are available in 4K resolution, but high-quality 4K clips are difficult to find. Overall, the video quality is great. Videos are filmed using various filming techniques, from drone shots to zooms and panning. Best of all, despite being relatively small, Videvo covers a wide variety of videos.

Free video clips

Videvo is a great place to get free stock video footage. Their 18K free video clips are licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0 license, which requires you to credit the author.

You can find all the information you need to attribute the author on the page when you download free content. For example, if the author name is “John Smith”, the credit should read, “Stock footage provided by John Smith, downloaded from www.videvo.net”.


All Videvo’s content is licensed under one of three licenses: royalty-free (RF), Videvo Attribution license, and Creative Commons 3.0 (CC BY 3.0). The license type and usage are specified under each video, allowing you to filter the results based on these two parameters.

A license defines your obligations to the downloaded content, such as permission to edit a clip, author credit obligations, and publishing restrictions. On the other hand, usage outlines the allowed uses of video content, such as using it for commercial purposes, like promoting a brand, service, or product.

UseRoyalty-freeVidevo AttributionCC 3.0
Unlimited web views
Transfer the license
Attribute author
ReproductionUnlimitedUnlimited Unlimited
Distribute clips in their original form    
License comparison table

Therefore, a royalty-free license is the best choice if when you can’t attribute the author. As such, RF licenses are ideal for commercial projects where you should avoid credit lines.

Commercial vs Editorial use only

As the name suggests, “Editorial use only” videos are not allowed for commercial projects. These are the clips containing recognisable people or properties, logos, and copyrighted works for which the author hasn’t provided a model or property release.

Therefore, you may only use these videos for editorial purposes, such as for news or documentaries. In other words, “Editorial use only” content is appropriate for projects that do not bring profit.

The best alternatives

Videvo is a fine stock footage site, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for everyone. Some photo editors prefer additional utilities, higher quality videos, more reputable sites, or different buying options.


Storyblocks is one of the most popular stock footage sites for YouTube video editing. Its pricing plans are similar to Videvo’s; you get a fixed or unlimited number of downloads.

Videographers prefer Storyblocks because it comes with a built-in and easy-to-use video editor called Maker. Buying separate software to edit videos is not necessary.

Also, Storyblocks has more videos and audio tracks than Videvo, all of which are of higher quality. Like Videvo, Storyblocks sells After Effects templates invaluable for any YouTube video or a high-quality video for social media.

Content500k1 million
Video quality3.7/54.4/5
Video resolutionHD, 4KHD, 4K
Subscription pricing$4.99—$24.99/month$10—$30/month
License typeCreative Commons 3.0;
Videvo Attribution;
Promo codeYesNo
Free trialNoNo
FeaturesFree stock footageEasy-to-use video editor (Maker)
Best forLimited budget;
Low budget;
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Try VidevoTry Storyblocks


Artgrid is considerably more expensive than Videvo (and Storyblocks), and it has fewer videos. However, the video quality is top-notch. In fact, Artgrid is one of the few stock footage sites that offer 8K videos. It’s been used by some of the best YouTubers, including Peter McKinnon.

Video quality3.7/54.9/5
Video resolutionHD, 4KHD, 4K, 8K
Subscription pricing$4.99—$24.99/month$24.92—$49.92/month
License typeCreative Commons 3.0;
Videvo Attribution;
Promo codeYesNo
Free trialNoNo
FeaturesFree stock footageCollections
Best forLimited budget;
High-quality videos;
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Try VidevoTry Artgrid

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is my favourite stock photo website, developed by a reputable developer of photography software—Adobe. In fact, I use several of their apps. In addition to stock photos, Adobe Stock licenses stock footage, premium templates, and audio.

Adobe Stock has 23 million high-quality video clips, but they are not cheap. However, thanks to its seamless integration with the Creative Cloud, it helps save money. It lets you try the videos within its products, such as Adobe Premiere, before buying them. This way, you save time and money while also supercharging your workflow.

VidevoAdobe Stock
Content500k23 million (videos)
Video quality3.7/54.5/5
Video resolutionHD, 4KHD, 4K
License typeCreative Commons 3.0;
Videvo Attribution;
Promo codeYesNo
Free trialNoYes
FeaturesFree stock footageCreative Cloud integration;
Powerful Adobe apps;
Works with reputable creatives;
Best forLimited budget;
High-quality videos;
High budget;
Low video needs;
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Try VidevoTry Adobe Stock


Shutterstock is one of the best-known stock photo agencies, but it sells stock footage too. Compared to websites dedicated to selling footage only, Shutterstock has a lot more videos. 23 million, to be precise.

However, Shutterstock is considerably more expensive than Videvo, Storyblocks, and Artgrid. The additional downside is represented by the lack of unlimited download plans. You can only get a fixed number of downloads each month.

Content500k23.1 million (videos)
Video quality3.7/54.3/5
Video resolutionHD, 4KHD, 4K
Subscription pricing$4.99—$24.99/month$8.33—$37.80/video
License typeCreative Commons 3.0;
Videvo Attribution;
Promo codeYesYes
Free trialNoYes
FeaturesFree stock footageOn-demand packs
Best forLimited budget;
Quality videos;
High budget;
Low video needs;
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Try VidevoTry Shutterstock


Is Videvo legit and safe?

Videvo is an almost 10-year old company (launched in 2021) to offer free stock footage. Since then, it has branched out to selling premium stock footage, templates, music, and sound effects. More than a million downloads are made each month from more than 500k resources.

What can you do with Videvo for free?

You can download more than 18,000 videos for free; you don’t even have to create an account. However, free videos require author attribution, so they’re not the best choice for commercial projects.

How much does Videvo cost?

Videvo’s subscription plans cost between $4.99 and $24.99 for 5-50 monthly downloads. You get unlimited downloads for $12/month and $20/month with a yearly commitment.


Check out Videvo.net if you need free or low-cost, high-quality videos. The free videos are relatively low-quality, while the subscription ones are pretty high-quality. In reality, they’re identical to the videos you’d buy from a stock video website.

When it comes to pricing, Videvo’s video plans are among the best deals in the market. The license is also quite adaptable. The main drawback is that it might be challenging to find a specific video. However, you can’t match the price, so if you’re searching for a free or low-cost option, Videvo.net is your best bet.

15% discount
Videvo Logo


One of the cheapest stock footage sources.

Videvo.net offers both free and premium stock footage. While it’s not of the highest quality, it’s budget-friendly and therefore a nice way to start your video editing career.

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