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YAY Images Review

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Online image libraries are a great resource to have. They are perfect for small business websites, non-profits, and blogs. The more images you have, the more interesting, informative, and compelling your website will be. YAY Images is a relatively small stock photo agency but it’s one of the best with unlimited downloads for videos, vectors, and images.

Quick Summary

YAY Images sells images, videos, and vectors under a royalty-free license. All 12M assets are available with subscription plans or Unlimited Plan, which gives you unlimited downloads each month.

Unlimited downloads
YAY Images logo

YAY Images

Unlimited downloads & perks.

I recommend YAY Images for the Unlimited Plan. It gives you unlimited downloads of more than 12M videos, vectors, and images.


  • Plans with unlimited downloads.
  • Very cheap stock images.


  • Support doesn’t reply.
  • Iffy policy.
  • Relatively new.

I have taken my time exploring YayImages and now I am ready to share my experience with you in this YayImages review. Still interested? Great, let’s go!


YayImages is one of the cheapest stock photo sites. Besides being inexpensive, it’s also diverse. You can choose between image and video subscriptions, as well as unlimited download plans. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer on-demand plans. The closest you can come to the on-demand option is with a 40-image plan that you cancel after a month.

Speaking of which, you can purchase plans for a month or a year. A monthly commitment gives you the freedom to cancel the plan at any time. But the yearly plans are up to 50% cheaper.

So which one should you choose? To be fair, YayImages’ pricing confuses me. Let’s take a look at what I mean.

Image subscriptions

Image subscriptions are ideal for anyone who needs images regularly. Before you purchase a plan, it’s best to decide how many images you need per month. As you might know, larger plans are more cost-efficient, meaning a lower price per image.

Images/monthMonthly planYearly plan
40$19/month ($0.48/image) $13.25/month ($0.33/image)
100$49/month ($0.49/image) $20.75/month ($0.21/image)
260$99/month ($0.38/image)$42.42/month ($0.16/image)

As you can see, the price per image is higher for 100 monthly images than for 40. That’s not only counterintuitive but also a turn-off for potential customers. To be fair, I don’t understand it. Other stock photo agencies offer significant discounts for buying large plans.

With each subscription, you get full access to 13.5 million images and 200K videos. You may use this content for marketing, advertising, printing, and digitally. What is more, you acquire a life-long license.

But what happens to unused downloads? While some stock photo sites remove them, YayImages transfers them to the next month.

Unlimited plan

Unlimited plans, while not immediately obvious from the main page, are available with monthly, quarterly, and yearly commitments. They give you unlimited downloads of all files on YayImages for as low as $8.00/month.

  • Monthly: $11.99/month
  • Quarterly: $8.33/month
  • Yearly: $8.00/month

With that in mind, I don’t see the point of subscription plans. For example, you can get unlimited downloads for $8–$12/month, but you need to pay $19 for 40 downloads. So, what’s the point? No idea.

Each unlimited plan grants you access to all content, including Extended licenses and Startup perks.

Video subscription

Like image subscriptions, videos are also sold with three plans, each with a monthly or yearly commitment. Again, forget about the video subscriptions and get the Unlimited Plan instead. You get all the videos, images, and vectors for $8.00/month.

Videos/monthMonthly planYearly plan
5$19.99/month ($4.99/video) $11.58/month ($2.32/video)
10$24.99/month ($2.50/video) $29.08/month ($2.91/video)
50$49.99/month ($1.00/video)$58.25/month ($1.17/video)


At YayImages, you can purchase images under either a royalty-free (RF) license or an Extended license. Both licenses are pretty similar, but the Extended license allows unlimited reproduction, while RF limits it to 500k.

Graphic design
Web design
Social media
Edit & modify
Resale items
Unlimited reproduction
Do I need an Extended license?

You need to use an extended license when the content represents most or all of the value. For example, printing images on T-shirts require an Extended license. You also need it if you want to run prints larger than 500k.

What are Editorial images?

You may not use Editorial images commercially. Their only allowed use is for articles or texts that are relevant to the image. Often, you may not even edit or crop Editorial images.


I tried to answer as many questions as possible for you.

Is YayImages legit?

YayImages is backed up by Doublesix LLC, a 100% legit company. It is also affiliated with AppSumo, a world-renowned app store. Purchases at YayImages are therefore risk-free.

How to redeem a coupon code?

To redeem a YayImages coupon code, go to https://www.yayimages.com/redeem and enter your code to enjoy the discount.

Are there any limitations to image use?

YayImages offers one of the most comprehensive royalty-free licenses that allow you to do almost anything with the images. You are, however, not allowed to reproduce it more than 500,000 times, resell it, or use them in a way, where they are the main or the only part of the design. In this case, you need an Extended license.

Who owns the images on YayImages?

All copyright images are owned by photographers that contribute to YayImages. When you purchase the image, you actually purchase a license that allows you to use the image within pre-agreed upon terms.

May I use images in a logo?

You may use royalty-free images as a part of your logo. However, you may not then trademark this logo.

YayImages: Conclusion

In conclusion, I think that YayImages is a decent stock photo agency with a wide variety of plans, thus guaranteeing that everyone will get what they need. What I disliked about YayImages, is the relatively low number of images in their library + the inconsistency of writing their own company’s name. If they don’t know, how are we supposed to? 😀

Here are my recommendations:

I recommend YayImages if you’re looking for an awesome Unlimited downloads plan. For as little as $8.25/month you get unlimited access to 12 million+ images, EPS files, and videos on YayImages.

I don’t recommend YayImages if you need a great variety of photos. With 12 million images, YayImages is not a very large stock photo agency. I recommend one of the best stock photo sites or one of the cheapest stock photo sites.

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